I drove deeper into this conversation in my Revitalise Life group but wanted to briefly explore this conversation here. We have all taken on things on as a truth for us which actually may not be our truth. It in fact belong to friends, family or our cultural conditioning and these influences on our life have lead us to take them on as our own.

The reason why I wanted to have a discussion around this is because as I continued to unwire my thoughts, feelings and ideas especially around sexuality, I discovered how many were not my own, but ideas that I took on as my truth.

I personally came to a place where it was time for me to say ‘yes’ to what remained as a truth for me and ‘NO’ to those ideas that I didn’t actual plant myself.

If you are a woman living in a modern society you will probably understand that we are bombarded with messages constantly around our sexuality. There are so many media messages around what we should look like or what we should change about ourselves. If we are not doing every trick that Cosmo suggests in the latest edition then our men won’t be satisfied or we are rigid.

Medical messages create fear around sex. Disease and unwanted pregnancy being a huge one. But not only that. There are also messages that suggest that there must be something wrong with us if we don’t have the textbook looking yoni or we don’t orgasm through intercourse simultaneously with our partner.

What about the moral messaging we receive? We are damaged goods. If you are sexually attractive you are not marriage material.  Every day we are experiencing one or more of these messages. Some may be so deeply imprinted within that you didn’t even realise it was there creating a disconnect from your truth.

Awareness is the first step. Your social conditioning is going to be different than mine because we were raised in different home and have had different life experiences. Both of these highly influence in our point of view. But I encourage you to connect deep within yourself and raise the awareness of what rings true to you and what you are choosing to let go of.

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For me when I connected, I discovered I was accepting a wrong image being projected at me of what a true sexual goddess was. I let it go. My image that I held previously was that to be a true sexual goddess then you must just go around screwing everyone and always be seeking sex. No, that’s no longer my truth. My truth of a sexual goddess is one that is connected to their feminine power, they have love deeply and unconditionally for themselves and are loving and accepting of others. They have strong boundaries with what they will and will not tolerate and they embrace pleasure. Now who doesn’t want that?

Become aware of your ideas, current understandings and beliefs and discover if these are currently yours or ones that have been unknowingly planted. You have the right to choose.

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