Let me spill the tea….

Who I am and why am I doing what I am doing?

I am a powerful woman, wife and mother of two. I have been on a journey of health and wellness since I attended nursing school in 2006. But, my connection and fascination to the human body started long before that when my brother got hit by a car and spent several months in the hospital. That was one of many traumatic experiences I encountered over my life which led me to discover I ending up holding a lot of the trauma in my body. Slowly these presented both physically and emotionally. One thing after another would show up and negatively impact my health. Over time I realized the medical field wasn’t going to help me get to the root of why I was experiencing such unpleasant symptoms so I dove in and started digging deeper myself. Over a decade of gathering knowledge, changing my lifestyle and gaining new tools has led me to partnering with others so they to can heal and live a  connected, healthier and more satisfying life.


What led me to somatic healing and ALT?

Two things I have discovered to be powerful and true to long lasting healing is that it is extremely tough to heal when the nervous system is not in balance and the lymphatic is congested and sticky. Why is that? When ones body is in a state of fight and flight their body is focusing on surviving. Forget about healing or long term damage survival mode is doing. It’s number one goal is to make it through the day. I lived in this state for many years just trying to survive. My body was thrashed, my mental health was well not opposite of healthy and I experienced daily physical and emotional pain.

Lymphatic work came much later in the journey. I knew some things about the lymph but didn’t know what congestion meant or the impact it had on my overall health. It wasn’t until the lymph nodes under my arms swelled up so large post-c that I knew I had to do something to help them. So, castor oil packs and ALT treatments shifted those nodes back right and during that process I realized I had more energy, my hormones were more balanced, I was sleeping better and I was experiencing less brain fog. That’s when a lightbulb went off and I set down the path of learning and discovering the lymphatic system and why I knew I had to share that knowledge and passion with my clients.

Where am I now……where have I been?

I am currently located in Greenville, South Carolina. Prior to living here I was actually living overseas in Auckland, New Zealand from 2015-2021. Although, I grew up in Southern California I got my first lesson on holistic health while attending nursing school at Humboldt State University in Northern California. I can work virtually with clients for all my services but ALT. I can give you other lymphatic tools but ALT is the best tool to get to those deeper lymph nodes so I would suggest finding a therapist locally to help you with that.

Questions? Send me an email and I will be in touch.

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