“We lay much stress on the uses of blood and the powers of the nerves, but do we have any evidence that they are of more vital importance than the lymphatics? ... the system of the lymphatics is complete and universal in the whole body”


Andrew Taylor Still, Founder of Osteopathic Profession

After years of battling extreme fatigue, headaches, foggy memory and overall unwell feeling I have finally found some relief. I have been seeing Missy for several months for ALT. After the very first appointment I already noticed better sleep! Since starting ALT with Missy I am sleeping better, have more energy throughout the day and I am experiencing less headaches. Missy is extremely professional, thorough, intuitive, caring and helpful. I could not recommend her enough as a partner in your overall health and wellness journey!!

– Lyndsi D

Let’s get honest for a minute….when was the last time a practitioner asked you “How is your lymphatic system?” In nursing school I learned where the major cluster of lymph nodes were located and how to palpate them which was a sign of the immune system being heightened but never did I learn about how to care for the lymph or frankly why one would want to.  Why is that do you think? This vital system that can impact every area of our health and yet it’s not questioned or considered? Probably because it’s not taught about much and there is no definitive test to question its health. But, did you know that the lymphatic system is like the sewage system of the body? That’s right! It is designed to get rid of what is not supposed to be there. This includes but is not limited to waste products, toxins, damaged cells and anything else they need to clean up to help remove from the body. Think about the sewage system in your home….if it backs up what can you expect? Not a pleasant or fun thought but that is what may be occurring within your body.

Dr. Lemole, renowned cardiothoracic surgeon calls your lymphatics “the secret river of health”.  He calls it that because like with a free-flowing river, the lymphatic system can function at its most optimal level to remove toxins and wastes from the body. When the system is stagnant, sticky, murky and unable to do its job then the accumulation of toxins and wastes can lead to injury, inflammation and ultimately disease. It is no secret that a chronic state of inflammation leads to disease. Without the lymphatic system recognizing infections/harm, removing the toxins and the wastes and opening up flow for a repair state to occur then those areas of the body that are experiencing symptoms/inflammation are unable to recover. That is why a healthy and free flowing lymphatic system allows for health and longevity.

You may be wondering why is lymphatic work different? If you are anything like myself you have probably tried a million supplements, modalities, changes and you may or may not have noticed any long term shifts. That is why I think foundational work is so important.

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My two main foundational areas for health and wellness are:

A balanced nervous system

Free flowing lymphatic system

Without these two it’s like building a house on a uneven slab

The body is unable to fully receive and shift if those two areas are not cared for. If the lymphatic system isn’t able to flow freely and you are in a state of fight and flight then the environment of the body isn’t in a state to promote healing.

That is why Assisted Lymphatic Treatments (ALT) are different. Assisted Lymphatic Therapy is a non-invasive, light touch and gentle technique to simulate proper flow and drainage of the lymphatics. It can be 8-10x more effective than manual lymphatic massage as it can penetrate the deeper lymphatics without pain.

The Assisted Lymphatic Therapy instrument was created by Sky-David in 2007. He had been involved with the inert gas ionization technology for over 30 years. The wands I use to go over the body use a combination of light, sound vibration and ionization (the flow of the electrons). The effect created by the light and sound vibration as they are ionized through the wand cause disassociation of the trapped proteins within the interstitium (space behind the cells, organs, skin). These trapped proteins hold water, cause swelling, and block the flow the flow of the lymph. This allows the lymph vessels to release the stagnant fluid and open the flow of the lymphatic system. This supports the most important principle of Osteopathic treatments: “Drainage precedes supply.” Get the murk out  of the river so the crystal blue clear water can come in. 

*Note- always consult your doctor prior to starting new treatments/therapies
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Assisted Lymphatic Treatments are for you if:

# You are on a health and wellness journey and would like more tools to help your body reach your goals

# Your body experiences discomfort that impacts your daily life and reaching your goals

# Nights are long and restless leaving you feeling tired the next day

# After spending the day on your feet your feet and ankles may feel tight or swell

# Your immune system is struggling

# You have skin issues

# Hormones can use some support and balancing

# The weight isn’t coming off like it used too

#Overall you feel blah, worn out and run down

#Your joints/back hurt

#The digestive system isn’t working to its optimal level

#Head tension is something you experience way to often

# You want more energy

#Your thyroid is needing some support

Assisted Lymphatic Treatments are not for you if:

  • You are currently battling an infection
  • Major cardiac conditions like CHF
  • Circulatory problems or history of thrombosis/Blood clots
  • History of Kidney Failure
  • You have a pacemaker or any other electrical implanted device
  • History of hemorrhages
  • You are pregnant
  • History of seizures
  • If during the heavy part of your cycle as it can cause an increase in bleeding

Ready to book in your first ALT session?

I work out of two locations in Greenville County, South Carolina. One of them is in Simpsonville off of Main Street and the other in Greenville just off Haywood Rd

Treatment sessions are $125

Or I offer a package of 6 is $625

How many sessions would I need?

While everyone’s body is different generally I suggest 1 session a week for 3-6 weeks and after that maintenance sessions. Each session we may up the setting on the machine to increase the reach of the wands.

I believe this is a tool to jumpstart or super boost your individual journey and everyone has a different starting point and ending desires all of that will determine how often you come in for sessions.

What you do at home to maintain the flow we help create in the treatments will be a big factor. I guide you with those tools and tricks as well.

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Missy’s gentle touch and obvious care during my lymphatic session was uplifting. I experienced incredible results from the first one with breathing better and sleeping harder. Two others in my family have experienced different and significant healing results from their lymphatic sessions with Missy. We highly recommend!

~Wendy R

I have been seeing Missy for about 3 months now and can seriously say that I am seeing all the results I had hoped for and have gained so much awareness of how important the lymphatic system is in health. Missy’s support, knowledge, and encouragement has helped me continue to go down a more healthier lifestyle for most importantly myself, but my family as well. I have always struggled with digestion, sleep, decreased energy, and a very vicious menstrual cycle. Missy has and continues to be amazing at directly coaching me with her vast knowledge of nutrition, healthy eating, and dangers of toxins. I truly can’t ever see alternative lymphatic massage not being in my monthly health routine from here on out.

~Shea W

My lymphatic therapy has been life changing. After each session, I felt emotionally lighter and clearer from my brain injury symptoms. After my sixth session, I actually became pain free for a period of time. I am thankful for Missy and the opportunity for my body to heal.


~Daren R.