Day 5: Energy Centers Daily Practice

Expressing freely with confidence and conviction is what naturally occurs when this energy center is open. Plus, it’s so nourishing to your thyroid gland.

“There is a saying in the coaching world that you are only able to go as far as your coach can take you…

Missy is passionate about her own transformational journey, and the off-shoot of that is that she is able to hold you and guide you to places that many coaches would not be able to.

Late last year I had the absolute pleasure of having Missy guide me through several coaching sessions.

Missy has a gift of being fully present for you.

The transformations I experienced during our sessions where largely due to her commitment to her craft and her ability to hold a safe container of love and support.

Whatever program Missy is offering, know that she has put her heart and soul into creating something with your transformation in mind.”

Kym L


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