Every new road will have obstacles and those feelings of ‘new beginning jitters’.

Early this year, I went down the path of becoming an author and will now be a part of a book that is a collaboration with 19 other amazing women called Women Who Inspire. As the book launch is fast approaching, those jitters have gotten intense. See I have never written a book, and I have also never shared such an intimate piece of me with the world, nor felt so vulnerable before.

In just a few days everyone will be able to read my story and see me a piece of me that I hid for 18 years. Even though this is exciting times, I have chosen to tune in to all of the emotions that are swirling around.

Is it normal to feel fear and oh shit moments in such an exciting time? I saw heck yes, it is! See anything outside that box of comfort can create those jittery feelings. But how we perceive those feelings can determine the actions we take.

If we see those feelings as threatening then we can freeze.

But if we see those feeling for what they are as a normal response to stepping outside the comfort zone, and allow them to be acknowledged, then moving through them gets easier. When those feelings go unacknowledged, they continue to play around in the background getting stronger and stronger, and then actions can get halted because the body perceives them as dangerous.

I have a sense of gratitude that my mind is trying to protect me from this new beginning. But I realise that the first few steps down the new path always create the biggest sense of fear.

It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions as the launch approaches. Tears of joy. Tears of vulnerability. Sense of accomplishment. Self-acknowledgement for taking all the steps necessary to even get to the launch. Plus, gratitude for the opportunity. Among the emotions, I have been aware of allowing myself to be open to whatever this opportunity leads to and letting go of the need to control any part of it. I am on a journey, like all of you, and often steps ahead go unseen at the present time, so letting go and just trusting is all that can be done.

As I am writing this now, I have tears in my eyes. Emotions are a beautiful thing and right now although they are so up and down, I am connected to the power of my emotions. Connected to the joy, pain, and perseverance that has lead me to this moment – right here with a book and a new path opening. These incredible 20 women have come together and selflessly given a piece of themselves to serve the greater good in any way the messages need to be received. This book will make an impact for those who read it. Things will shift, as so much love, determination, care, empowerment and power is in 177 pages.

I have expanded because of this opportunity. This entirely journey from sign on to launch has taught me something new or opened me into knowing myself even more. What is coming after the launch? Only time will tell, but as I am an emotional mess I am open and allowing whatever is next to be seen.