Interview MISSY

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Missy Garcia is a powerful sex and leadership coach for women who are desperate to escape from their dull and disconnected lives. She is warm, authentic, funny and deeply vulnerable, offering sage advice about sexuality and leadership from a raw place that has developed through her own journey of self-transformation.

Missy is passionate about empowering women with tools to come back into the true beauty of who they are, guide them to open their heart to completely loving all of themselves, and totally embracing their badass queen within. She coaches women to access their inner power, be healed from within and bring back the juiciness into their life, careers and relationships.

Here’s some igniting topics I can dive into with your audience!

  • How to activate divine feminine centre for fuelling a women’s confidence, worthiness, radiance, voice and boundaries
  • Changing your sexual story can impact your future in multiple areas
  • How creativity is juiced up from the womb
  • Breast massage can open the heart and allow vulnerable authentic leadership
  • Embracing the shadow parts makes you whole
  • Lead your emotions or your emotions will lead you
  • Bring pleasure into your life daily to alchemise overwhelm and other emotions
  • Activating the courage and energy from the inside
  • Activating the pleasure spots and what flow they can open regarding leadership
  • Call in abundance from your divine feminine centre
  • Healing and integrating past events creates space for leading the future