Rock Your Authentic Voice Masterclass

Rock Your Authentic Voice Masterclass

Guided Audio Practice

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“I just listened to the rock your voice recording and did the practice. It was awesome. Just wanted to share my experience as you suggested. I was pleasantly surprised how easy I found it to create energy in my pelvis, particularly through movement. I keep forgetting my first love is dancing and movement connects me so quickly. And music/sound too, so using my voice combined with movement was powerful. And I found it really powerful using that energy I generated and moving to my throat. THANK YOU!! Just wanted to give you the feedback. Also, I resonated so much with what you were saying about the connections – sacral, jaw, pelvis, etc. I hold so much tension in my jaw and cranial sacral is my fave as well. So interesting, I’ve actually started massaging the bottom of my skull the past few weeks and noticing how much tension it is releasing.I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s as well, so everything you’re saying about suppression and thyroid and connections just makes so much sense!!!!

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If you feel going into your body in the masterclass created some jiggles or realized just how much you are locking down your voice then I have a great next step for you. 28 days to be the queen of your emotions.

Guided practices, lectures and tools for you to gain freedom with what you feel. By the end of the 28 days, you will have a new relationship with your emotions and a new level of connection with yourself.

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