Sexify Your Leadership

12 weeks to releasing shame, deep healing and activating your pleasure as power and fuel to up-level your leadership

“Because of this program I discovered how to listen to my body again. I know something shifted as I feel more awakened, a deeper connection to myself and I now see how pleasurable life can be. I used to grind out daily which left me numb and feeling stuck. I feel like a clam that is opening to the joy, pleasure and not just sexually but tuning into myself with how I really feel each day without feeling guilty for it. I have so many more tools and I know my amazingness on a whole new level. Whatever it is I know I got this.” – Wendy


During this 12 week activation program, you will:

  • Own your radiant power
  • Open your heart to giving and receiving love
  • Learn to use your pleasure to heal and manifest
  • Uncover the confident magnetic leader you have always been
  • Integrate past trauma to bring on more abundant flow in your life
  • Discover how to lead through triggers from both internally or externally
  • Discover how to activate, navigate and work with your sexual energy
  • Truly know and own your worthiness

  • Integrate shame around your sexuality
  • Connect to and enhance your pleasure
  • Learn how to take up the space you know you deserve
  • Create strong boundaries and activate your voice
  • Gain tools to use everyday to maintain your new level of amazingness
  • Ultimately, to make a stand to elevate your personal leadership and ignite your soul, connected, juiced up and ready to own all parts of who you are

As a result of doing the work and activating your connection and energy you will:

Walk into every space with confidence, presence, and radiance. The leadership you embody will pour from you. You will Up- level your relationships with yourself and others, and have the internal support to go for your desires.

Feel peace, confidence, and love in a whole new way. Own your voice and your truth like never before. Create flow in all areas of your life. Hold yourself in a whole new way and know how to fulfill your own needs and discover how to take action from a deeply connected place.

This will be achieved by doing the guided personal practices meditations, through embodiment work, guided breath-work, group coaching, and a sacred safe sisterhood circle.

The best thing is the tools and practices you can come back to time and time again. You will have a lifetime of recorded audio support.

“What I loved about the program was reclaiming my lost parts and knowing their gifts. I discovered how amazing I am and that pleasure has many depths to it. I now have a deeper connection and trust with myself.”


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“I used to only allow tiny moments of pleasure into my life and quickly I would stuck it out and think ‘ok, let’s keep going. Move on.’ But because of this program I now allow pleasure as a lifestyle. It a way of loving myself enough to allow it.”

Deeper Look Inside:

Over 25 Audio Guided Practices

10 Guided Written Explorations

Online Sisterhood Support Facebook Group

10 Online Group Coaching Sessions

Module 1- Creating Your Foundation

Setting yourself up with the tools and foundations for you to get what you desire out of the next 12  weeks.

Module 2- Lead From Your Heart

The heart shield is real and it affects you from being able to give and receive love to your fullest capability. Lower the shield and open compassion, gratitude and to truly accept yourself the way you are.

Module 3-Leader of Your Emotions

Discover how to be with your emotions and know you can handle anything that comes your way.

Module 4- Leader of Your Story

Rewrite your sexual story. Release the shame and shift to seeing the beauty and power in your sexuality.

Module 5-Leader of Your Energy

Where are you leaking energy currently? Discover those leaks and plug those holes so you can lead fully energized.

 2-Week Integration Break

Module 6-Leader of Your Primal Nature and Shadows

Bringing back your core essence often looks like you embracing the parts of you that have been hidden away.

Module 7- Leader of Your Own Healing

When you can take yourself to the places you know you need to go to heal and feel whole again you know you can take yourself anywhere you desire.

Module 8- Leader of Your Pleasure Centers

 Playing with your pleasure unleashes many gifts. Unlock their gifts and flow.

Module 9- Leader of Your Radiance

Ooze with confidence from the inside.

Module 10- Leader of Your Desires

Speak, manifest and take action on what you want in life and business.


How do I know Sexify Your Leadership Program is for me?

If you are ready to own this new domain and do the work to discover how to source your energy, tap into pleasure as a superpower and heal what is currently holding you back then this is meant for you. This program was made for you if you want to uplevel your personal and business leadership, feel whole and powerful, connected and energized.  Need further clarification? Book a 15 min chat with me.

Who Sexify Your Leadership not for?

Any woman who is not ready to take ownership of her power, pleasure, and healing. Any woman who is unwilling to set aside time to do the work, practices and to move through the resistances that may arise.

I am not in a relationship does that matter?

No. This program is not designed for single or those in a relationship. It is designed for the woman individually. It speaks directly to you reclaiming yourself in an empowered and connected way. If you are in a relationship what you discover and learn can be brought into the relationship if desired. If you are single what you learn may impact those you are attracting into your life if you are desiring a partner.

Next steps……

✔You sign up. Click Full Pay or Easy Pay. It’s the same price either way.

✔ In the sign-up process, you create your account

✔ You will get an email with access to Queen It: Start work through that content as it will help prepare you for the 12 weeks

✔ Add yourself to the FB group through the link you get in your email

✔ Say hello. What are you desiring to get from the 12 weeks? What’s your biggest fear? What do you love? What do you desire? 

Dive in, do the work and celebrate the results.

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