How network marketing changed my life

The title says it all. Now, you may be thinking, ‘great another one of those stories, she’s going to start talking about working on the beach and flashing cash around’. It’s not one of those stories. Don’t get me wrong — by growing a successful network marketing business I have increased my wealth and have had days where I worked while being at the beach but what I want to share with you is not so surface level. My life changed on a much deeper scale then I ever could have imagined when I started.

When I first started my business I literally was at a crossroads in my life. I didn’t know what path to take. I was injured from moving a patient at the hospital and knew I couldn’t go back to working as a nurse or put my body at risk any more. So, when someone presented me with the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur with very little start up costs immediately I saw the potential. Little did I know the different joys, struggles and opportunities me saying ‘yes’ would bring.

Let’s start with the joys. Friends all over the world. Literally people I would have most likely never known are now a big part of my life and feel like family. I mean these are people I literally care deeply for and love seeing their lives impacted from the business in such a positive way. Also, I love seeing members of my team reach their goals. Being alongside them during their journey is so fun and fulfilling. I get joy out of seeing my kids enjoy after school activities that once was too heavy on the pocket book. Traveling as a family because we now have the time freedom and financial means to do so. These joys were a dream when I started my business. They were a ‘maybe this could happen one day’. But I changed the ‘maybe’ into ‘they will happen’ and worked to make them happen.

Now ask any entrepreneur you know if what they have accomplished or if running a business has been easy and if they are telling you the truth they will let you know it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. There are struggles. If I would have known how much I would have had to grow, develop and expand when I first started who knows if I would have acceptedReally the biggest struggle was overcoming self-sabotage. Seriously that has been a long journey to overcome. From dealing with my own worth issues, to money issues, to being enough and learning how to show up for my team and myself. I have dug deep and had to deal with past resentments, traumas and experiences that have led to me thinking I wasn’t enough. The road was full of tears, pain, and tough conversations but it lead to feelings of freedom, love for myself and the capability to stand in my truth.

If it wasn’t for my business I honestly do not know if I would have ever made the choice to work towards the freedom I have today in my personal life. Who knows if I would have had the desire, or the will or the need? Thinking about it I feel a sense of sadness. I used to walk around with so much pain, anger and resentment. I would have passed those to my kids, my relationship and family. I feel alive now because of the work that I have done. Without network marketing, most likely I wouldn’t have taken the road less traveled.

The opportunities that have been presented because of network marketing have been great. My favourite thing has been the ripple effect. The opportunity to impact one person’s life has rippled to many others that I haven’t had direct contact with. The opportunity to help my team members grow and expand and see them reach their goals. Being able to discover passions in other areas and work out a ways to make a greater impact. Work with mentors that have pushed me to expand myself and make a stand for the world. Being a part of a book sharing my story. And speaking to various audiences on different platforms. None of these opportunities would have been in my life if I had stayed on the path I was walking.

Now I know this is just one girl’s story about an industry that has yet to be fully understood by the mainstream audience. But I can honestly tell you I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my business. A friend once told me that a quick way to personal growth is to start a business. I agree 100{5b5c8818b45788ec0393187cda3473631c9bfc58af53ac8c7658cd11646902a3}. Network marketing with DoTERRA has allowed me the opportunity to take my life into my own hands. It has given me the possibility to become an entrepreneur and pushed me towards the tools to become a better, free-er person.

If you are thinking about becoming a network marketing professional, just start now. Find a company that you love, you can stand behind, and find a team to work with. There is no better time than the present to start inventing a new possible future. I would love to chat with you more about how I have done that.

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