One area that has been greatly repressed in women for thousands of years is around their voice. “Be seen and not heard” is something that many young girls were conditioned to believe. Or it’s not ladylike to be loud, yell or be angry.

Basically, it’s not allowed to be authentically you. These messages are passed down not only by witnessing it as a child, being told these beliefs but also through the maternal lineage. If you find yourself trying to break this conditioning but find the pattern thoughts and feeling run extremely deep that is because they do.


Speaking your truth, expressing your thoughts, ideas, and desires plus making whatever noise feels good when needed feels so empowering. It’s reclaiming and bringing back a part that was never meant to be shoved away, to begin with. It’s no wonder so many women are suffering from thyroid problems these days.

Years of stuck energy, repressed emotions and not speaking up can be lodged in the throat region. Time to open that throat and find your authentic voice once more.

Here are three ways to allow your voice energy to flow once more.

  1. Use it! Start singing, talking (even if to yourself), screaming, or laughing. Now my singing voice is not one to impress an audience but hey I do enjoy putting on some music and singing along.

I remember loving to sing along in the car as a young girl and growing up with three older brothers I was often picked on and they used to make fun of my singing, so I stopped. I felt embarrassed and ashamed for my bad voice and hid away my joy for singing. If that resonates with you…bring it back and just start singing again even if no one is watching.  Talk, Talk and Talk some more.

Express yourself. What do you love, fear, desire? Work the muscles and allow your voice to be heard and start talking. Screaming…I would scream often as a girl because of my brothers picking on me. My parents would come to my rescue and I would walk away like a prissy cat ha-ha. But things changed as my parents split up so I felt no point to scream no one will hear me. So, screaming diminished big time and more and more over time I learn it wasn’t safe or socially acceptable to be an angry person, so I hid that too.

I would have outburst often because I was always trying to shove away the anger and what I really wanted to do which was yell and scream. Well, I am here to tell you to yell and scream, not at someone as that usually does end well, but into a pillow. Just let it out into that pillow when you are upset or feel lots of energy being locked out in your throat. Laugh and laugh as loud as you desire. Laughing will also help to open up the throat and energize your voice.

  1. Ladies connect into your divine feminine center. Your anatomy in the throat and in the yoni are very similar. I won’t include an image here but go google vocal cords and you will see what I mean. If you have locked one down it will affect the other. In your pleasure sessions are you super quite, or do you allow the energy to flow through your voice and make noise?

The sexual energy can also be used to nourish and activate the throat. I know when mine is not as open as I would like it or if I am processing a past event where I suppressed my voice because I cough when the energy flows through my throat. So, not only can you tap into your life voice energy to reactivate and reclaim your voice you can also use it to release and heal past times when your voice was suppressed.

  1. Give your throat some love. Stroke your neck in a loving massage. Honor all the times she has been there for you and make a new commitment moving forward to her. How is your relationship going to shift with your voice? State your actions to adhere to this new way of partnering with her. And every time you have a “No” with anything moving forward state it out loud.

Rock your no and your new relationship with your voice. Oh, you totally may feel silly on this step, I know I get it, but what if you viewed your throat and voice as a powerful queen always making her needs known? How does this queen expect to be treated?

Your voice is part of your capability to express, delegate, honor your boundaries and state your needs. All of these are essential for you leading your life in the way you design. As a collective, if the energy is flowing through our voices we are modeling a new way for the women in our life. We all rise and shift the current paradigm together.

If step number two seems out of reach I have created an empowering meditation that guides you into your divine feminine energy using your breath and shows you how to nourish parts of you like your throat for you to feel energized, alive and vibrant.

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