5 Steps to Moving Your Ideas from an Empowered Place

I, like many women, struggle with taking my ideas and seeing them through to completion. I often get in my own way because thoughts like ‘how can I do this’, ‘I don’t have the knowledge or resources’ or ‘I am not like___’ pop into my brain halting me from taking the steps forward that my soul desires. But what I have discovered and I want to share with you is the way to get out of your own way and create from a newly confident and connected place.

Here are the five steps I personally take that have helped me take action:


  1. Feel into the YES. When an idea pops through before even thinking about the logistics of how to make it happen step back and feel into it being 100{5b5c8818b45788ec0393187cda3473631c9bfc58af53ac8c7658cd11646902a3} yes for you. Put your hands over your womb bring your focus and awareness there. Bring your awareness to your creative force and the infinite wisdom that lies within and listen for a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ when it comes to your idea. If it’s a ‘yes’ then right away you know that your divine feminine power desires this and has your back from the start.


  1. Tune into the obstacles that may come your way. Studies have shown when you know your obstacles beforehand then you are more likely to push past them when they show up. You are prepared because you saw them as a possibility and so when they arise you know what it takes to push through them.


  1. List your actions needed. Make your plan. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half and on one side list all your yang (outward) actions needed and on the other side list, all your yin (inward) actions needed. Often times we focus on the outward actions and completely forget about the inward nourishing ones. Doing this can lead to burn out, disconnect and feeling depleted when creating. Inward actions are just as important as outward ones. Inward actions would be things like meditations, breath work, self-pleasure practices, yoga, journaling, etc… I have a free meditation that can support you and is a perfect yin practice. Just click the messenger button and type “meditation” and you will get access to it in your messenger – or click HERE


  1. Tap into your life force energy. Your power has your back. She was already on board from the start and she has fuel, juice, and nourishment to help you move past any areas that may be blocking the way. You may not be at the place yet where you embody this knowing but your sexual energy can be the fuel needed to keep you in action and to support the areas that feel depleted.


  1. Know who inside of you understands how to get this done. Connect to the energy and power. There are empowered parts that live within you and they know how to take the actions needed. We all have these empowered parts. You may not yet be aware but once you connect to these parts they literally have your back every step of the way.

Following these five steps over and over will help you to continue to take the actions needed and to feel empowered every step of the way. Everything you need is within. You know how to create confidently and from a connected place. You may just need to take the time to connect, listen and empower the parts of you that know how to stay in action.

Did you catch my live video where I talked about these five steps?

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