Unstuck Yourself: Beyond Thinking Your Way Through Being Stuck

I am going to share with you the ways I work through feeling stuck. These tools I use when feeling stuck or frozen with actions, something in business, emotions or when feeling locked down in pleasure. It brings you to beyond just the thoughts and mindset shifts that you probably already know. Being positive, thinking about it in a positive way, etc….

That’s all great and of course helpful but what I found for myself is it got me to the roadblock way up the road. I traveled a good amount but ultimately came to the blockade at the end of the street. These tools will help you get through that blockade.


Before I get to the tools let me chat with you about what I most often see when it comes to feeling stuck. I see most people take the uncomfortable feeling that being stuck brings and then flips it into a sign that you shouldn’t go any further or that you have gone too far turnaround and go back. Now, I see this happening for two reasons.


  1. It sucks to feel uncomfortable. It can create a physical uneasiness to the body and let’s be honest most humans don’t enjoy feeling any sort of yuck.


  1. When most live disconnected from the body when the body shows up and creates a physical sign for you when I see people take it as a sign to stop. But what most don’t tell you is its usually just your nervous system freaking out and the old energy moving to open the flow that’s been locked down underneath.


And since most don’t talk about it let me tell you these last three days I have pushed myself to new edges and energy has moved causing me to physically get sick, vomit and have diarrhea. But with the old being moved physically I notice a new emerging.


What I want to help you do it adjust the point of view from a disempowering “I feel this it means I am not capable or it’s a sign this isn’t the right path” to a more empowering thought that it just stalls energy causing the uncomfortability. Honor the process use the tools and notice what emerges. When it’s viewed as just stale energy that’s ready to move then it brings it to a tangible place that makes it easier to take action on.


So let’s get into the steps and again these steps are just as powerful for emotional release and enhancing pleasure.


Step 1:

Bring focus and awareness to it. You can’t be conscious of what’s locking you down if you avoid being honest with yourself about it. But here is the cool thing. You don’t need to sit there and analyze it. Think about it and why or who made you feel such a way. You can if you desire but what you need to be aware of is where it shows up in your body and what it feels like.

This gets you out of the pattern of just thinking about things and allows you to notice the effect it has on the inside. Personally, my stuckness shows up in three places. The right side of my neck, lower abdomen, and my chest. When aware and able to see how it is freezing you on a body level then you can start to move the energy locking you down.

Step 2:

Breathe into it. Direct your breath physically or energetically to where it shows up in your body. Your breath acts as an energy mover, it brings more awareness and can activate and deepen your focus and awareness on the area.


Step 3:

Sound it. This step will probably be the one you feel the most “yeah right” about. Especially cause many of us carry the conditioning we must always be quiet but the sound is a mover of energy as well. Once you have focus, awareness and you breathe into where it shows up in your body then you can allow any sound it wants to make to move through you.

Again, like breath sound also moves energy. At first, you may feel super weird but the more you just surrender into it more you will actually notice the energy moving with your sound.


Step 4:

Move your body. The energy is moving with your breath and your sound and your body may want to move as well to help facilitate energy movement. Think of when you have a sore neck. You move it stretch it and try to release the tightness through the movement. Well, the same reason you do it for a stuck muscle is the same reason you can do it for stuck energy keeping you stuck.


Combine them all and you will get through that blockade in any area of your life. You will feel into it deeper, release it on a whole new level and open up flow you and power that was buried underneath.

It takes courage to go into the body. But, if you have thought your way to the blockade honestly the way to go through it is going in. Connect on this deeper level. Unstuck yourself cause you have the tools and the power is within you.

Did you catch my video where I talked about how to get through being stuck?