Why it Matters: Your Personal Power, Pleasure and Sexual Sovereignty

This is probably the question I get the most. Why does it even matter? Just the question has a disempowering undertone.

Why does it matter to own your own power, pleasure and truly feel like a sexually sovereign woman? I am so passionate about this topic, so please – dive in with me.


Let’s start with personal power.


First of all, your sexual energy is a big contributor to your personal power, wellbeing, and alive-ness that flows through you. If you are not tapped into it then that flow is shut off which will affect you fully embracing your full capacity. I know you hear from many well-meaning people ‘tap into your power’. It’s a slogan for so many, but if they are not leading you into your sexual power then are you fully tapping into your power?


Nope, you are embracing other aspects but omitting the one area that is connected to and once embraced will fuel all the rest. This is essential if you are on a journey to feel powerful in other areas like your voice, confidence, body, business, success, etc..


If you are willing to claim the others then take yourself one step deeper and fully reclaim your personal power by embracing your sexual power. Plus, if you are locking your sexual power away then you are using a lot of energy to do so, subconsciously of course, but frankly, that’s wasted energy. Take that energy back and use it for fuel to up-level your personal leadership.


I also want to make sure you know that when I am talking about claiming your sexual energy I am speaking to you about owning this area for yourself. For you to discover how to access it for fuel, nourishment, connection, and power. I am encouraging you to tap in for you. Not to give your energy away. This fuel is yours. Made by you. For you. For you and not for your partner, society or anyone else…



Another reason why it matters is that when you are regaining your pleasure you are owning a whole new level within yourself. Ladies, pleasure is your birth right. You have an organ designed just for pleasure. I seriously view pleasure as my hidden, maybe not so hidden lol, superpower. It is my behind-the-scenes power tool. I turn to pleasure when feeling amazing, sad, angry or when I want a very connective, internal and calming space.


Pleasure is my superpower with all of these domains. Plus, when I really sink into my pleasure I know, without a doubt, how freaking worthy I am. Dropping into pleasure shows me my worth, gifts and power. I feel it and then from there, I am ready to play way beyond my current edges. Owning your pleasure fully, unapologetically equates to you owning all of you. Seriously, I encourage you to try it.


And a HUGE reason why it matters is for sexual sovereignty. Oh, the days are long gone that I am (or my body) is meant to fulfil an obligation or an expectation. No more. She holds no such role. I have fought back from that story that I choose to take on from society and my upbringing. Sharing my sexual energy with anyone is no longer a transactional system.


I do not need to get anything from my partner and I am not there for him to get anything from me. When a transaction is off the table then it becomes a sacred unity between us. When we both own our sexuality 100{5b5c8818b45788ec0393187cda3473631c9bfc58af53ac8c7658cd11646902a3} independent of one another we are not trying to energy vampire each other for personal gain.


We can consciously come together to share a sacred act and energy exchange. For me, this shift has transitioned our sex lives and taken us to a place I didn’t know existed. And don’t get me wrong this switch took a lot of time, awareness, boundaries and deep conversations to get to. But, the first step was me taking ownership of my sexuality, pleasure and my desires.


No longer was he the one that provided those for me. Ah, it was a huge shift but so freaking empowering and freeing. I was no longer looking outside of myself to get my needs met. I could meet my own needs in every area of my life.


Ladies it matters. All of these aspects matter. It matters deep in your body. On a level that may not even be in your full conscious awareness right at the moment. But it matters.


Your sexual energy is the key to your full power. To fuel your life. Nourish your soul. Aid in transformations both personally or within your relationships and for you to stand up feeling connected, alive and empowered so you can lead the life you have always desired.

Did you catch my video where I talked about why it matters?