This is Why You Want to Tap into the Power of Your Cycle


I don’t know about you but I used to only think about my cycle as I am on and if it is over yet. As soon as I would get pissy and my skin would break out I would think ‘hmmm the next one is on its way’. I never thought how the change in my hormones week to week would affect anything other than my mood and my skin.


It wasn’t until someone brought this conversation to me about working with your cycle that I started to look more into it. Actually, I think it was when I was reading Woman’s Anatomy of Arousal that the light bulbs clicked and I knew right then I needed to start to pay more attention and make changes that will support my body vs trying to pretend nothing was occurring. I now want to bring this conversation to you so you may choose to make changes that can help impact your life and business as well.


Let’s start from the beginning.

Day 1 of your cycle is your first bleed day. Typical bleeds last 3-7 days. This is the menstrual phase of your cycle. Like the moon your cycle has phases. So in this phase, it’s the time to let your bleed flow as well as your emotions. During this time you are physically letting go and you can emotionally let go as well. Release what is no longer serving you. You may notice that during this time you become more analytical on top of emotional.


That is because the hormones at this time are bridging the gap between the two sides of your brain: Bringing your left brain, who likes to analyze, with the right side that tends to be more emotional. The gift in this is when you go more inward during this time, get cozy and comfortable, you are often way more insightful by really feeling and knowing things that may be out of your awareness at other times.


This helps me to feel into what may need to change for me to get to where I am going. This also means that I need the time to go inward, which also means taking some time off from serving others. Literally, during the first two days of my bleed, I am cozy in bed and I sleep more. I tend to write, meditate and just be with me. My hubby and my kids know this time is my time and hubby gladly gets tagged in as I check out. I also do not do my typical exercise routines during the first couple of days of my bleed as well. I literally check in, tune in and honor what she needs during this sacred time. And yes, I just used the word sacred which a couple of years ago I would have never thought I would be able to view this time in this way.


The next phase is follicular. This phase starts at the end of the bleed and lasts 7-10 days. Your energy is increasing. You feel more vitality and may be wanting to create a new life. Maybe you’re thinking about new projects, business adventures or literally think about creating life. You have a more upward and onward approach during this time. Your brain is so online you feel crazy smart, connected, on fire, sexy and you are shining brightly. You may find yourself more socially outgoing during this phase as well. This is a great time to get into mapping out projects you have been considering or planning or fun outings with loved ones.


The next phase is ovulation. This will last 3-5 days. Your estrogen and testosterone are high. You may find yourself feeling super sexy and desires flowing through your mind and body. The cool thing is during this phase you are speaking about your desires, needs, projects, ideas, etc easier. The hormones are supporting you in speaking about what you need. This means it’s a great time to have any important conversations you may have been putting off.


This is also a great time to ask for a raise or close that big sale. Your energy is at its highest here. So, getting tasks checked off the do list is done with more ease. Your mind is more open to hearing, feeling, seeing possibility, plus you are oozing with creative energy. I mean think about what your body is physically prepping at this time….to create life 😊


So, if you are not focused on using that creative energy in making a baby then you can shift it towards creating in business, relationships or anywhere else you want to channel your creative spirit to.


The last phase is the luteal phase which lasts 10-14 days. During this phase, it has a front half and a back half. Your hormones are gradually decreasing during this time so it makes sense that the first half will be a lot like the ovulation phase. So, keep checking those things off the list and using your creative juices and energy to get things done. But, during the second half, you will find your energy will start to diminish. Your thoughts will start to shift more inward. You may see issues and things not working very clearly and start to question it intensely.


This is not the time! I repeat this is not the time to make huge life change decisions: quitting a job, business, ending a relationship, etc… Explore what’s not working, write about it or turn to any tool needed to feel into what’s coming up without you having to pull a trigger on a decision. You will want to bring in more self-care, self-love and have stronger boundaries. Exercise your ‘NO WAY’ more during this phase. You want to decrease the stress and be mindful to not add any more to it.


Innately we know all of this but I noticed for myself, and you may feel the same, that I had to discover this knowledge. The more I connected into my womb and my cycle the more I know it just flowed. Speaking of flow, I highly recommend the MyFlo app. I track phases there and have gained so much insight from the tools the app offers.


To connect more into your womb space you can take five minutes right now and do just that. And if you no longer have a womb or bleeds you still cycle and the energy of your womb is still there. But, lie on your back, put your hands over your womb space and then bring your focus and awareness down into your womb space then start directing the energy of your breath in and out of the womb. Do that for 2-5 mins and notice what you feel.


Also, my 10-min energy activation audio is a perfect longer exercise to connect deeper.


If you want to hear me talk about what you just read, click below to check out my live video.


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