Is it possible to create the life you desire?

‘Desire’ is the key word in that question? Something is missing, not working or a feeling of being unfulfilled is lingering for you to want to desire more. Great! That’s the first step!

I desired so much more then working 12 hour night shifts at the hospital. I was tired all the time, the job was stressful, the shifts were long, my feet were sore and when I worked I didn’t do anything but eat and sleep for those 3 days. I would have to make sure I had enough paid time off if I wanted a holiday and would have to put in a request hoping they would approve it. Now I know this sounds like most jobs but for me deep in my core I desired more!

So when an injury changed my path as I was deciding what to do next I asked myself what was missing? What would give me more? Maybe something that could make a bigger contribution to the world? What about bigger impact on myself and my family? So if you are already asking yourself these type of questions then you are opening yourself up to the hidden life you have been desiring. If you are not there yet then my invitation to you is to start there.

The answers will flow into my other steps to setting you up to create the life you desire……


Create your vision.

When you have a clear picture of what that desired life looks like then you can create a vision. A vision that pulls you. A vision that you wake up to make happen and go to bed dreaming of each night. A knowing of why you are working your tail off make that vision a reality. Write it down. If you are an artist then draw it or paint it but get the vision from out of your head to in front of you. Have it so crisp and clear that it feels like it has already happened.


Know that you can do it. Understand you will face obstacles and the obstacles are part of the game. The game of creating the life you desire. The game is fun at times and hell at others but all of it is part of the game. You are the player in the game so the choice is yours to gather the tools needed to play, get the players, put on the uniform and show up.

Find the path.

What path will you take to get there? Something has to change for your current situation to change. So what’s going to change? Are you going to become an entrepreneur? Start a new company? Buy a business? Buy a franchise? Or partner with a network marketing company? I am a huge fan of network marketing companies as you can become an entrepreneur with very little startup cost and you learn how to run a business as the business grows. That’s the path I choose in my journey to creating the life I desired. No matter what path you choose creating the life you desire will take work.

Be consistent.

Continue to do things each day that will bring you one step closer to the life you desire. Show up each day to do something. Acknowledge all of the big and small milestones along the way.

Know your strengths.

What are you good great at? Use those strengths as they are your asset and they were given to you for a reason. You are unlike anyone else so don’t try to be anyone else. Be you and be proud of that.

The three P’s

Persistent, passionate and patience.

Be persistent — Never let anyone or anything push you off your vision. Stay focused on the vision.

Passionate — you will draw people into you.

Be patient — Creating the life you desire takes time, energy, focus and perseverance.

Anyone can make the choice to go after the life they desire. Making the choice to make a stand for change and make a stand to go after what’s missing. The choice leads into actions which lead into your vision becoming a reality.

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