The ripple

You never know what ripple you can create.

How big it can get?

How wide it can expand?

That’s the thing with ripples. You can see the initial impact but the further it goes the less you actually see it.

But what needs to happen for you to start your own ripple? Action!

The action can be making a choice and taking action on it, having a conversation, making a stand, saying yes to an opportunity or turning down an unknown path. You may never even really see the ripple starting but years later may look back to see the rippling impact.

We all have the capability to start a ripple that can move through us and onto others. We all have the power to make an impact. Whether you go into it with that intention or not, every choice has the capability to cause a ripple effects. Ripples can evoke courage in others to accept it. See, a ripple once started needs others to keep it going. To keep it going and moving on to continue the impact, another person has to see the ripple, accept it, have courage to continue with it and vision to see the impact it can create for others.

What I am drawn to regarding this phenomenon is the fact that these ripples create impact by doing something that includes you but is bigger than you.

Here’s one thing that has become very clear me to over the last few months. I have seen and accepted many ripples in the past few years. Some that I am very consciously aware of and implemented direct action around and others I am not so consciously aware of. I have also begun to own my piece in it vs stating oh it wasn’t anything I did or no big deal. No, I am owning it because in doing so I am accomplishing what I have set out to do……create positive impact for others. See if I don’t own my part then how can I really impact others?

Every action we decide to take that may step outside the “expected” zone takes courage. To utilise that courage takes vision and heart. Within that heart is love. My love for others is deep. I want everyone to live a connected, fulfilled, healthy, and empowered life, so I will continue to create, add longevity and fire to ripples that can make the positive impact that is needed today.

What are you going to do next time the ripple reaches you?