Scary Truth Of Having A Toxic Mouth- Part 3


Four months post-surgery and it feels in many ways like I am busting out of the cocoon of healing. Every person is different in regards to their own individual healing process as we all are slightly genetically different. We live in our own unique environments and have exposure to different chemicals and chosen lifestyles. All of which play a role in the body’s ability to heal, recover, and thrive. 


I think it’s important to learn what others have done so that you can choose to learn more for yourself or decide that’s not for me. So, I want to break down my personal healing journey post-surgery and what I know has made an impact on my recovery for those interested or maybe going through a similar journey. But, first as promised I want to tell you a little bit about cavitations.


The dentist described it to me so perfectly that it just made sense. The cavitations I had were at the site of my wisdom teeth extraction. Every tooth is held in place by a periodontal ligament. This ligament anchored the tooth into the bone and acts as a shock absorber when we chew.  Standard procedures with tooth extraction is to not intentionally take out this ligament. 


Sometimes, it comes with the tooth but other times it doesn’t. When the ligament is left in place, then it impairs the healing and doesn’t always allow for new bone formation to fill in the extraction site. This then leaves a hole and the body heals the hole by covering up the top of it ultimately leaving a gap and space for bacteria to grow. That cover she told me feels like a soft crunchy bone when she cuts through it to get to what’s underneath. I had a cavitation site as large as 5mm x 5mm. I just wanted to lead with this because I didn’t even know a thing or had even heard the word cavitation prior to less than a year ago and who knows how many of us have them. All I know is that my jaw used to click about 85% of the time when opening it to capacity and now maybe it happens twice a month and I can bet that these cavitations getting cleaned out and healed have something to do with that. 


So, now I want to chat with you about what I did to recover, heal and bring my body back to a more functioning state.


First, again as a holistic nurse and hippie at heart, I did everything as natural as possible. The only thing that was not natural was the conscious sedation during the procedure and the pain relief/anti-inflammatory they gave me during the procedure.  


  • Post-procedure I was given IV vitamin C. We all know vit. C as immune-boosting but the powers of vit. c go beyond that. It’s high in antioxidants, promotes cellular healing, collagen growth, plus helps rid the body of toxins. I had three IV treatments in total. Two through the dental office and one at an IV bar (these are cool). Once I no longer had access to IV vitamin C then I took liposomal vitamin c instead


  • I received 3 acupressure treatments at the dental office. These helped to promote healing, decrease pain and inflammation and absolutely calmed my nervous system which is so important as it gives my body the environment to heal


  • I also used a red light. The red and near-infrared light therapy.  I got it shipped to my mom to bring to Texas with her and then I hauled it back here. I have fallen in love with this therapy. It helps with pain, inflammation, collagen production, wound healing, muscle recovery all of which are what I needed.  I have used it for many things now that it’s a tool in my arsenal. I have even used it on my dog’s wound and sore joints. My mom used it on her hurt knee. 


If you want to check out the one I got here is a link. Full disclosure: I get a kickback if you order since I decided to become an affiliate cause I loved mine so much


  • Epsom salt baths were top priority and of course, I used essential oils in the salts to target my needs that day. The magnesium in the salts helps to soothe the tissues, calm the body and the warm calm environment again helps to rest the nervous system. Plus, epsom salt baths can gently help the body with detoxification


  • Sea salt/ essential oil mouth rinse. After eating or drinking things other than water or if I was experiencing more discomfort, then, I turned to this mouth rinse. I blended up myrrh, clove, helichrysum, on guard, frankincense and copaiba into a dropper bottle and then added a few drops to the salt prior to putting it in warm water


  • Essential oils that I used topically on my jawline and under my nose were helichrysum or frankincense or copaiba and sometimes I layered all three. But, I will tell you I have a new appreciation for helichrysum now. It was one I never really used before but I know it made a huge difference in my recovery


  • Other vitamins and supplements….my regular vitamins I take daily… lifelong vitality pack, which is important as I wasn’t eating a ton but I absolutely needed these essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, heaps of deep blue polyphenol complex and bone nutrient complex (extra vitamins specifically for the bones). I also took liposomal glutathione to support detoxification and collagen powder to help bone and tissue healing


  • Once I was home, about 1 week post-op, I did a gut cleanse using the Gx assist. I needed my gut healthy and free of overgrowth of bacteria for me to give myself the internal environment to fully heal


  • Protein. Lots of protein that can be found in smoothies by adding hemp protein and in foods, I chose to eat. It is essential to have protein to heal properly


  • Rest, rest, and rest. I fully gave myself permission to just rest. Rest my mind as well as my body. I gave myself no agenda or timeline. I allowed what my body wanted and needed. About 3 weeks after surgery I started walking more. Then, about a month and a half after I started working out. Time to sweat out the toxins



  • I ate healthy as organic as possible, limited sugar intake (if any) and looked to provide my body with nourishing foods each meal. Also, I drank lots of alkaline water



  • 2 homeopathic remedies I used often during the first week were arnica which helps with pain and inflammation, and staphysagria that promotes wound healing. I am extremely grateful my husband is a homeopath because this was one holistic remedy I didn’t use or know much about prior to his training



Hmmm, I think I included everything. Although I had lots of highs and lows while healing, I felt that almost every day I was getting stronger. I knew just the removal of the bacteria that was lingering, growing, and thriving in my mouth wouldn’t be enough for me to change how my body was feeling. I needed to tackle the built-up toxicity, immune system fatigue, and systemic inflammation. I needed to fully team up with my body and provide what is needed to the best of my knowledge to come out the other end better than before. Well, here I am 3 less teeth and feeling 10x better in regards to my health and vitality.



This journey has taught me a lot. Not only about dental health but my personal capacity of what I can journey through. It also showed me how much I love the body and its ability to communicate and heal. It reignited my passion for holistic health because I was ankle-deep in it beyond what I was used to for so long. This opened me up to realize I was missing something and wasn’t honoring myself or those I can serve in the world fully and led me to get training in functional medicine. 


It’s all connected: mind, body, soul. I look forward to the future of me not only feeling amazing but also supporting others to holistically do the same. 


Oh, if you are not familiar with doTerra and their products- the oils and many of the supplements I used are from them. I can help you to learn and use them if needed. Just get in touch. Or here is my website to shop on your own. 


Well, that is it. This feels complete for me. This chapter is closing. Ah, it feels so good to be here! On to the next chapter while holding all the learnings, growth, and expansion this chapter brought.