These three emotions could be affecting your network marketing business

You may not even realise that your emotions could negatively be impacting your business. I think this fact is often overlooked especially if it’s not a typical emotion that has a very obvious expression like yelling or crying. But these three emotions can absolutely be a big cause of you being stuck in your business.


I think I see this one the most. I also personally experienced this emotion quite a bit in my own business journey. Did you know resentment is a sub-personality of anger? Yep that’s right if you are feeling resentment towards someone, underneath it is most likely anger. In network marketing, I think I see this emotion a lot because we can’t fire those we are working with like we could in a “real” job and often people say they are going to do something and end up not doing it. Or we resent them choosing to not do the business anymore or maybe you resent your upline because they aren’t working, not following through with promises or simply your hard work is bringing them a pay check.

Whatever the underlying reason and the million reasons to validate why you feel that way it most likely is affecting you and your business in one way or another. I have even seen people have so much resentment towards someone else they punish themselves by choosing to not do what they can to increase their own pay check if it benefits this other person.

Here’s the sneaky thing about resentment………the person feeling it often doesn’t recognise it because they are not “angry” and they think they are holding the power by making decisions and playing cards even if they are the one that losing out the most. It’s like they are trying to punish the other but if they were able to see it for what it is they are only hurting themselves. When resentment is recognised and released I noticed in myself and others I work with space opens both mentally and energetically.



Oh overwhelm you sneaky little – I mean – big thing you! Ah, this sucker comes in the back door and makes itself at home and feels like it will never leave. When someone is living in overwhelm underneath that is usually the emotion you like to avoid feeling….Fear.

Yep that’s right its fear that’s holding you back, making you feeling like you can’t do anything or take any action and causing the agitation feeling in your body. Overwhelm makes it easy to not push through the resistance. To completely stop any forward motion and to get acceptance from others in the process. Sorry, I can’t continue to take the actions to build my business because I am so overwhelmed. It’s the holidays, the kids are out of school, I ran out of people to talk to, the market is saturated and my house is a mess…

Now all of that is completely valid right? Everything is what most of us experience and can relate to. But lifting the lid on overwhelm fear is winking its eye at you. Taking action and allowing overwhelm to take place in your body and mind at the same time doesn’t work – usually you can’t do both. So, instead of really sitting with the fear and the resistance you may stay in overwhelm which means none or very little action and thus your business is massively affected.


77{5b5c8818b45788ec0393187cda3473631c9bfc58af53ac8c7658cd11646902a3} of distributers in the US are women. And if you are a woman in the US, and most likely many other cultures as well, judgement has been something that has been conditioned into you from a very young age. Not only judgement of yourself but judgement of those around you. Judgement is a sub-personality of disgust. You might find yourself being disgusted or not kind to yourself and your people in your team or upline.

Let me start with how judgement can be affecting your business personally when you judge yourself.

‘I can’t believe I still haven’t reached the next rank. I better be able to find new business builders soon.’

‘If only I had the skills she has then I would be further along.’

‘I am not the right body type to be a strong leader.’

‘I am just not smart enough.’

These are only a few examples. I am sure you can think of ones you may hear when you pass judgement on yourself. On top of this, often judgement is passed on to those in our business, upline or crossline.

Maybe these sounds familiar.

‘I can’t believe she is talking about that.’

‘OMG she wore that.’

‘She is a stay at home mom she has no excuse to not do her business actions.’

‘She seriously didn’t even talk to the client about the product when she had a golden opportunity.’

‘I think she just wants to sit back and collect a check and do nothing.’

Judgement is often so ingrained that it takes a lot of awareness to realise that you are doing it. But the more time you spend judging yourself and others around you, the more you are bringing your energy down, leaking energy and affecting your business. It affects your connection to yourself and will negatively affect you reaching your goals, or even feeling like it’s safe to go after your goals.

If there is so much judgement from within no way is it safe to be successful because then judgements will intensify, I won’t be safe. I won’t belong and no one will love me.

One or all three of these emotions may have made you perk up your ears slightly to how your business may be impacted by these hidden emotions.

Well, the good thing is – awareness is the first step. You can’t change anything you are not even aware of. All these emotions can be governed, and you can fill the energy leaks that have limited you from being empowered and staying grounded, when you would typically get triggered into the same emotional pattern.

This is one reason why I love working with woman and their emotions, especially entrepreneurial women. Because through the embodiment of power they can start to feel. This leads to actions that can bust through these hidden emotions which allows them to own what they feel and go for what they want.

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