Enough with the self-hate. Honour and nourish what is

In one way or another, we have all dealt with body image. Women are consistently comparing themselves to others and are made to believe that they are not good enough. Men may also face similar feelings with regards to their bodies.

It’s time to flip the perspective and protect ourselves from what is being thrown at us.  Let’s love what is and meet the body with compassion, coming into a state of fluidity between the mind and the body, instead of the mind vs the body.

Missy a garcia

I want to explore 4 areas that we can dive into a conversation around to see how we can adjust the perspective.

  1. Filtering social conditioning and add some protection from the media messages. Can we choose to take on the social messages being thrown at us every day or can we choose to filter and protect? I choose to filter and protect. As a young girl, I wanted to be a model. The beauty and glamour, plus the travel while making money always perked my interest. Flipping through magazines I would compare, try to look like or edit myself to become what I saw vs just seeing it for what it is….beauty in an artistic expression. When I started to protect myself from the idea that I had to be like them to ‘I am me’ and ‘they are them’, I realised we are all beautiful in uniqueness. This is when the artistic expression through the lens, makeup artist, hair stylist and model shined through.
  2. Redefine your definition of beauty. What is your current definition of beauty? Firm body, clear skin, beautiful hair? Is it very specific? How can you start to broaden your definition? Can you broaden it the slightest amount today? Then expand it even further next month? Can this be a game of redefining beauty continuously? Explore that J
  3. What are you focusing on? Assets? Imperfections? You may all know the saying ‘where the focus goes the energy flows’. So why spend so much time focusing there? Compliment the areas you love and enjoy. Flow some good energy into yourself with that kind of love.
  4. Respect and honour the functionality and the uniqueness of your body. I am curious how you would feel if the next time you thought negatively about your ass you stopped, took a step back and looked at it in a completely different perspective, seeing the uniqueness and functionality of it instead? I am grateful for the cushion my ass provides otherwise it would hurt to even sit here to write this blog. Would that make you smile and bring some love to the area of your body that was being told something else just a moment before?

Looking through a different lens opens up the opportunity to see things from a different angle. Become mindful of your thoughts. Stop and connect into your body. What gratitude can you show to your body for the uniqueness and functions it provides?

And lastly, I will leave you with this… We are not separate from our bodies. It is not just a head that thinks attached to a body that does. Our bodies are profound and intelligent. Our bodies communicate to us all the time. Are you listening?