There is something that emerges when you continue to go to places you have never been before. You see things that weren’t visible prior. You create a new understanding and relationship to your experiences. Once you have dived into all the places within – not to fix or get rid of – but to witness and truly see, a newness can emerge.

I think I have spent over $100k in the last four and half years on coaches and courses. Most of those I went into with an ‘I’m broken please fix me’ space. I was a broken little girl in a 30 year old body. I didn’t know where to start or what to do. I just felt I was F’d up and someone must know how to make me feel whole again.

Each coach and each program took me to new places. I grew each time and took away new understandings. I have gone to places within most people avoid. And because of the hard work I know I am not broken but for the first time since I was a young child I feel whole, complete and perfect. And now from this new complete space I seek coaches and courses for support and to further a learning experience.

I have also noticed I am no longer scared to walk into a space, course or coaching program because there is no place I haven’t already visited. I know nothing will break me. I know the strength of me deeply and intimately.

Two and a half years ago I walked into a transformational coaching workshop. Thinking it was going to be more personal development. A ‘give me knowledge and fix me’ space, only to discover the depth of holy Sh”t that was in the room. I remember literally sitting in my chair in the room of probably at least 100 plus people curled in a ball crying over other people’s feelings and experiences. I was lost in my triggers and didn’t know how to be with any of it. I thought I knew so much and had come so far to only be shown I haven’t really done any work yet.

The last two days I was in the same room with the same mentors. This time my experience was completely different. I felt energised, connected, aware and fully in my power. I was able to witness others emotions, feel their pain and sadness but this time I didn’t have to curl and hide in a ball. At one point I had emotion rush through me. Not emotion of sadness, pain or anything I have hiding in the background. But emotion of acknowledgement. Of the journey I have been on since that day two and a half years ago. The amount of tears, pain and integration that has taken place. The courage it took for me to go to all the places I have gone to and to fully embrace the strength and amazing women that I am today.

Childhood trauma, pain, sexual trauma, broken marriage, business, leadership, motherhood, the dark parts of identity and sexuality are places I have gone in my journey over the last four years. Ah looking at this I brag about my courage. Knowing without the courage to do the work I would still be the broken, sad, child dressed as an adult. But it is because I did the hard work and choose to go to all these places that I can now make the stand for YOU.

I can open the door to the room for you. To help you to start your journey whatever that journey may be. What you are wanting. Desiring.

To guide you to your home within. To feel home in your body once again. To know your own courage and to know you are held by someone that has done the work not just in theory but in the body.

Freedom from the confines that have been created whatever they may be for you.

The body is your home. It’s your source. It’s all knowing. I work from a body-up not top-down way.

Start coming home to your body. Find it’s safety. Freedom is when you can be with all it wants to release.

You got this. I stand for your freedom. I have done the work for mine.

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