We are all queens in our own way. The cool thing about owning your queen is you can allow her to show up in any area of your life whether that’s when owning your power, your emotions, your pleasure – you can queen it. But what I have noticed not only on my own journey but also with working with hundreds of women is how often not having the tools to be with emotions, process them and relate to them in an empowering way has completely disempowered them from going for their goals.

Emotions are just a chemical reaction within the body. It’s how we relate to the chemical reaction that creates the external response. Now learning to govern your emotions doesn’t mean you need to be stoic, hard and brush everything off that happens. No! Learning to govern your emotions means you feel it and you relate to it so you can know what it’s teaching you, or the boundary that you need to set or it how to liberate it to use it for fuel on your journey vs it taking you off the path.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up with three older brothers and a dad that didn’t express any emotions besides anger till they were much older and a mom that was “overly emotional” and thus portrayed as weak. She was treated as less because of her heart and expression of her emotions. As a little girl I picked up on that dynamic, plus I wanted to fit in with the boys. So, being emotional or showing feeling was something that as I grew older and became more aware, I shoved it down and brushed it away. I acted like the “men” and was hard, tough, rough and was known to get in a few fistfights or two because that’s what you do, right? Men fight to get through their shit.




What this lead to was lots of feelings of very dramatic anger freak outs. Bouts of severe depression. Lots of health challenges and having the biggest guard up around my heart that friends and especially men were never getting through. It literally lead to a life of not caring and just saying F-u to anyone and anything that pissed me off, pushed me back or triggered my unintegrated traumas. I felt empty, disconnected from myself, my spouse, my passions, my body and especially my joys.

So, I went on a search to find someone or something that could fill me with joy. Men were a big one. What I discovered was anytime I would sense it wasn’t going to work, I started to care too much or felt unsafe, and I would run. Work was another one. Sure achieving something can bring joy to my life. Nope I lost myself even more in it because I was constantly trying to prove I was worthy which got exhausting. Kids, although they bring me so much joy, they also triggered every part within me that felt not good enough, unworthy and I was triggered almost daily on an emotional level because I didn’t know how to be with my feelings and didn’t know how to feel.

Underneath all of this was a huge disconnection to myself. I had energetically cut myself off from my body. The only time I would really feel my body was when it was injured or sick. So it basically had to scream at me for me to listen enough to try to get better. But that cycle continued. My body was trapped with so many old emotions they were causing it to have physical responses. Now, I did not know that then because I didn’t have the knowledge I do now. But looking back I know that because I didn’t have the tools, confidence or understanding around my emotions it impacted my physical and emotional health.

On the journey over the last 6 years, there are two things that have forever changed how I show up and live on a day-to-day basis. One was owning the power of my pleasure and my sexuality. Two is discovering how to clean up old trapped emotions, relate to present emotions and how to liberate them while being grounded or being able to get back to center quickly. Number two is what lead me to create Queen it: 4 weeks to govern your emotions.

If I have been able to come into myself, discover joy and stop walking around like a triggered, angry, disconnected person, I know I can and will help others do the same. Our ability to feel is our power but it’s often disregarded because it’s not acceptable. So let’s start to feel. Feel empowered. Gain the tools to liberate our emotions and take on the world in a way you didn’t know was possible.

What I love most about what I created is it’s about you. I am not the guru. I am not the one that fixes everything. I am the facilitator of change. The role I chose for myself is to provide you with the tools, education, understanding and give you the space that’s safe to allow the learnings to unfold. To model the tools and the changes. To bring love, compassion and acceptance to all parts of ourselves. To aim not for perfection, but to embrace our humanism. All while embodying the change so the men in our lives learn how to embrace an emotionally empowered women and the children learn a new way to relate to themselves and the events that occur in their world in an embodied way.

Image how life would have been different for you if you had these tools as a child. How would it be different if you modelled your emotionally empowered mother or father and accepted no matter the feelings. How do you think you will feel if you start to relate to the emotion(s) that seemed to pull you down with a love and acceptance? What if you could even feel more powerful from these emotions as they are liberate through you? Would your life be impacted if you no longer handed the power over to your fear or anxiety? How would that change your life or your business? I know it did for me and it as also allowed me to embrace the higher vibration emotions more as well because I know I can handle the lower vibration emotions too.

As you can tell this is a topic I am extremely passionate about. Something I want every woman to learn to discover the power for herself. Why not start off the New Year learning new tools. Being guided through new practices. Relating to your body in a new way. And take on the year feeling the power and the freedom learning to govern your emotions brings you.

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