I believe the time has come for people to feel again. Not just feel the response to someone hurting us or the happiness when with our loved ones in our head but to truly be able to discover how to feel from your whole body. We are not just a brain connected to body parts. Our mind and body are one. When we have emotions, they are not just in our mind but also occur on a body level. When we repress our emotions, the emotions get stored somewhere in the body increasing the chances of the body have a unpleasant response. What if these stored emotions were a cause of diseases occurring? When it comes to emotions we all need to start somewhere with learning how to move them through and to find our center. Here are three key things you can start doing today to move emotional responses through your body.

  1. Start breathing. Studies have shown that when we are feeling stressed, anxious or scared we start to breathe more swallow and rapid. If you consciously started to breathe that way even now you may start to trigger an emotional response of feeling anxious or stress. So, when an event happens turn to your breath and become aware of it and start to breath.
  2. Movement-move your body. Emotions are energy and energy want to move. As you move the energy can move too. The more you come into your body and feel the emotional response on a body level the more you can become aware of any movements that may help to move it through. Or if you are just wanting a quick mood elevator then put on some music your body likes to dance to and give yourself a dance party.
  3. Sounding-I think this has become my favourite tool when it comes to moving energy especially emotional energy. Make sounds. Now this is not an opportunity to scream at someone but screaming is good when needed and usually its my pillow that takes the abuse. Use your voice and allow the energy to flow through it.

Combining all three is powerful but it that seems like to much start with the one that is pulling you in first. The key is to start with something. Next time you have an emotional response think which tool or tools can I use to help me process, move the energy and get back to my center with?


Added bonus….using essential oils help you connect into the body easier, calm the mind enough so you don’t get overpowered and can bring forth pleasant memories when you may need it most.

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