I Am Talking About It…Uncommon Thing That Can be Impacting Your Thyroid


It’s all connected. Your voice, throat, thyroid and pelvic floor. One being alive, vibrant and flowing will affect the others but shutting one down will also impact the others. This connection between the pelvic floor and your throat has been established since 15 days gestation. So basically you were designed with this connection in place from the beginning.


I am going to break this down into three parts…your 5th energy center, your thyroid, and the pelvic floor and then I will piece them all together for you. 


Your 5th energy center. This is everything around and in your neck. The muscles, your jaw, salivary glands, your throat, voice, parathyroid, and thyroid. This center when in flow opens you to express your voice, ideas, thoughts, and higher genius into the world. It also supports you and your boundaries and for you to express your desires. This may be shut down from social conditioning – being told to ‘quiet down’, ‘be seen and not heard’, ‘no one wants to hear what you have to say’ (I can literally can hear my dad’s voice just typing that one out), and in numerous other ways we have been conditioned to not use our voices. Also, shutting down the voice can be from fear. A fear of rejection or people judging for what you have to express. 


When the voice is shut down it will hold stagnant energy in that area. You expressing your truth is you expressing into the world and thus flowing with your energy. Locking that down will lock your energy down with it. That leads to stagnation and stagnant energy is toxic especially when it holds unprocessed emotions. 


Those unprocessed emotions will get lodged somewhere within your body as your body holds everything and thus can impact your thyroid and its ability to function at its optimal level. Your thyroid has influence over the function of your entire body and how your body uses energy. Your thyroid is also supportive of your pleasure and desires. Thus when it’s in a state of imbalance it can cause a decrease in libido, sexual desires, and lubrication. 


Your pelvic floor, vagina, and perineum are linked to the throat. And your g-spot links to your thyroid as well. Meaning, nourish the gifts of the g-spot and you can juice up and support your thyroid in the process. I enjoy this self-care, holistic health practice for my thyroid (wink-wink). 


At 15 days gestation, the depressions that later become your mouth and your urinary, GI and vagina openings begin to form. Also, you have a fascia line that runs from your jaw to your pelvis. And not to mention the cranial-sacral connection. When out of alignment on one end it often impacts the other causing pain and other symptoms. But the one connection you can probably make right now is remembering the last time you were stressed, angry or sad and you felt your jaw clench up and noticed your clench your butt, pelvic floor, and lower abdomen as well. When I cry super hard I clench up my jaw, my throat shuts down and I have trouble breathing and speaking. My pelvic region also gets tight both ends are grasping and holding on. Makes sense since they are connected. 


So let me piece this all together now. 

Let’s start from the top

  1. You repress your voice, emotions or your truth. 
  2. Creates a shut down in the 5th energy center resulting in stagnant energy and unprocessed emotions.
  3. This can negatively impact your thyroid resulting in an imbalance.
  4. This creates tension in the pelvic floor. You may store some of the unprocessed energy in the vagina and you may over time start to experience numbness, pain, decrease in pleasure and disconnection from your sexual flow.


Bottom-up approach

  1. Disconnect from sexual energy, flow, pleasure, and your innate sexual expression. Maybe a result of social conditioning, trauma, or fear. This causes tension, numbness, and disconnection from the pelvic region.
  2. Creates a shut down in your innate expression, owning your truth, bring your ideas into the world, having strong boundaries and showing your most authentic self.
  3. This affects the flow of energy in your 5th energy center and creates a build-up of stagnant energy which has an impact on thyroid functioning and thriving. 


Now, here is the fun part. You can change this dynamic. You can support this connection and open the flow. And opening and flowing this connection can be so juicy and pleasurable. 


Here are some tips to get you started. 


  1. Relax your jaw. Lie back open your mouth relax your jaw, put your tongue to the back of your front teeth and then direct your breath down into your vagina and back up. You may feel like making sounds on the exhale. If so, do it. It will help to move any stagnant energy. Also, next time you are receiving pleasure come back to this. Remember to relax the jaw will relax your pelvic floor and will open the flow for even more pleasure.
  2. Exercise your voice. Communicate about things big and small. And allow yourself to make sounds when your body desires.
  3. Cat cow pose with your tongue out. Add a little wiggle of the booty in cow and tune into your jaw and all of your pelvic region while doing it.


Now that you are aware you can start to re-open the flow once more. This will allow you to be able to express who you are, thrive emotionally, physically and energetically, and experience the juiciness of your sexual flow in a nourishing connection way. 

I have a 7-day practice that will connect you to your sexual energy flow every day and guide you to nourishing a different energy center each day (Day 5 will be the throat) that you can access here (it will open in FB messenger).

7-Day Practice

Enjoy re-opening this flow as it’s so juicy and nourishing for your whole body.