Thrive in Your Relationship, Thrive in Life


Do you often hear in your head “well…It’s good enough”. The “it’s good enough” is not only affecting your relationship but that ripples into other areas of your life whether you like it or not. If you are accepting that it is what it is, it will never change, or I can manage my life with my relationship being where it is, then what else are you just accepting?


Are you throwing in the towel on you rising into the best version of yourself too? What about where you are at work/business? Good enough? What would shift if you knew you had the grit, courage, determination to suit up and make the changes needed so you can thrive in all areas of your life? When you accept less than thriving and flourishing in one area, then it shows you are willing to sit in that state for multiple areas.


I talk a lot about personally thriving but you may not realize the impact your relationship has on you thriving in all areas. When you thrive, your relationship can thrive everything else can thrive too. Reverse that and you can see the impact on you accepting less than thriving. This blog will be focused on your relationship.


So, first things first…. You must get out of your head and do a reality check in with your inner wisdom. This check-in needs to be around if you are 100% all in willing to do what it takes to bring your relationship to thriving status. Notice how I am asking about you? Yes, this includes your partner of course but you will never be able to force change on another person.


Wait, I think I need to say that one again…you will never be able to make someone else change. But, when you are all in then you can start to make the shift with yourself that will, in fact, impact your relationship. One that comes with truly surrendering into you not being able to force change on your partner is discovering how to accept and love them for where they are at.


Okay, now that you know you are all in and willing to accept them for where they are currently now, do another check in. What are you deeply desiring that you feel you are not currently getting? How can you personally fulfill that role? Can you feel the difference between “ I want this and then handing it to someone else to give it to you vs. I want this oh, alright then let’s get it”? One sets you up for disappointment and one sets you up for empowerment.


When you want to thrive in your relationship which way feels better? But, here is the catch…you have to do the work to make those needs met. That may mean you have to learn to hold yourself in ways you don’t understand in this moment, you need to activate pleasure and your own sensuality, and you may need to realize in all the ways you are giving your power away and start to take it back. You may think that well if “I don’t go to my partner for this and that, won’t they feel……?”


I want to invite you into a relationship without the energy of them having to meet your needs and expectations. How freeing would it be for them to have more space and for you to let them off the hook? Would that energetically and physically open up space for you to creating a thriving relationship? And what if it shifted from them needing to meet my needs to this is a safe and supportive container that we both show up in? Knowing you can support one another fully can transform your relationship.


The third thing. You have to start communicating. This is the thing that is missing in so many relationships but it is the key to creating a thriving one. I know you have heard probably a million times the key to a good relationship is communication. But, let’s be honest. If you are like me, I took that as ok cool I will communicate what’s important and what they need to know. If you stay at that level your relationship will stay at it’s good enough level too. You need to start communicating about everything. And I mean everything. Where you literally get to the point of getting sick of communicating and talking and then you need to talk some more. Invite them into a relationship that is based on open and honest communication and when they accept then you can create what that looks like and means for you. You both create that container and then you have a place that free to express what needs to be expressed.


Oh, go read my blog on tips to communicate that will help too.


But, communicate everything. The things that were hardest for me to communicate were the things I felt I would be judged for, he would take personally and get hurt and the things I felt deep shame over like some sexual desires. But, to have this container built so your relationship thrives you need to learn how to hold yourself through things your partner may be saying that can trigger you. And when I say hold, I mean to hold.


Feel into where you feel hurt, what you are making it mean about you and how you can support the part of you that feels scared. If you are building this open honest communication container then that means your partner gets to join. So you get to not only be the one talking but also receiving which both can be so transformative.


Here are three things to get you started with talking: what do you fear around your relationship? What do you love? And what do you desire?

Thriving is within reach if you choose to do the work to get there. It takes 100% yes, courage, commitment, and action. Are you willing?


Let me know what your biggest takeaway was from this chat. Notice how thriving in one area can open you to thrive in all areas. Why accept anything less?

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