Pieces of You

What would it look like and feel like to truly accept all the pieces of ourselves?

Would we all of a sudden feel a shift? Would it feel the same as when completing a puzzle, that kind satisfaction? Or would it just feel peaceful?

At what point in our lives did we come to a place to consider: ‘oh that part that is sassy and bitchy, that’s not ok so I will just tuck that over here and try really hard to hide it. I’ll hope no one ever finds that part of me.’ Was it from other people’s options about who we should be? Or from punishment from parents or authority figures that tried to make sure we knew that we were “naughty” because of our behaviour.

How would it feel to look at those sides of ourselves and start to love on them and allow them to come out from hiding? To truly integrate it back into the whole person and accept that it exists.

I want to invite you into the opportunity to let go of the wrongness we feel around the not-as-socially-accepted parts of ourselves, and to look at it differently to see the beauty in it. It takes courage to see what’s hiding but to be open to all of you creates so much power.

Missy A Garcia


Break the Mould

Here are some things to try which will help you start to bring those pieces together again

Write down and reflect on what aspects of who you are have you felt wrong about?

With each of these reflect on the gifts they served you with. For example, I am a sassy bitch. This serves me at times when I need to stand up for myself or my kids. Served me as a protection when I was fearful.  So I can now be thankful for this side of me because I know I have it when needed.

Who can you communicate your noticing’s with? Can you express what you have uncovered?

Write a love letter to that piece of you. Show it some love and gratitude for all it has done for you.

Hiding can be tiring. Playing a different game in the world vs in the home – that’s tiring. The parts we try to hide come out the most with those we are closest too. But why hide? All pieces of us are what make us US. Be proud of who you are and the amazingness you bring to the table.