Sisterhood. Not biological sisters.

The sisterhood I am talking about is the one that for many has been broken down for decades.

The one that you may be yearning for but don’t know if it’s possible, how to establish one or if it’s even safe. In a society that has conditioned to pin women against each other, that women can’t be trusted, or they are catty… no wonder my nervous system screams “it’s not safe!” when I am around women.

The pain of the broken sisterhood is felt deep for so many of you. I know it all too well…

Being shamed for kissing a boy, ridiculed for wearing the wrong clothes, talked about for doing something different, shooed away when only wanted to be accepted and outcasted for who knows why. But I am left feeling alone.

These are wounds that I have had to work through around sisterhood. How many can you relate to?


emotional healing


It’s time we come back together to embrace one another with compassion and acceptance.

Women CAN celebrate together. They CAN celebrate each other’s successes. It’s time we listen and hold one another through heartbreak but also enjoy deep belly, gut wrenching laughter together. We all deserve a sisterhood where you can let the guard down. We all deserve to be seen and to feel deep in our soul true acceptance and belonging.

It’s time to heal.

I invite you as you read this to sit and feel into your own wounds around sisterhood. Are you willing to move through the wounds to heal and transform them?

Recognise your behavioural patterns around other women. Do you celebrate? Accept? Shun? Disgrace? Explore these feelings and acknowledge them. See if there is anything hiding underneath.

My desire is to continue to repair my own wounds around sisterhood and build up and expand my sisterhood. To create a safe space for other women. To help guide women to release the block around the heart so they can emerge into sisterhood. To model to my daughter what it looks like to accept, have compassion and embrace sisterhood. To change the women hating women dynamic in our culture.

I invite you to start celebrating amazing women in your lives.

Notice what they are doing and send some compliments and love. Notice when you may talk badly about other women and take a step back and reflect on it and ask yourself – why?

I have noticed in myself when I have feelings of jealousy or comparison that it’s a way of showing me that I want what they have. Maybe that’s a more connected marriage, a family holiday, a successful business or stepping into big goals.

This change ripples through one woman at a time. It starts with me, you, the future women of tomorrow seeing and learning something new.

We are all powerful women and when we come together with love, acceptance and joy the power only gets more powerful.

Sisters lets come together.


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